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tv shows I like but I don't recomend by videakias tv shows I like but I don't recomend by videakias
ben 10(the original):
honestly I don't see this as a bad cartoon but I don't see it as a good cartoon either,I mostly like the variety of aliens ben can turn to.the original ben 10 was probably the best one.the problem with all these shows is the villains,none of them has any backstory or motivations(they could at least tell us more about ghost freak,but they didn't).the only vilain with motivations was dr.animo,whagt I don't understand is why he kept re-appearing in this and the other shows,I thought all he wanted was the nobel he believes he deserved. this croon is full of wasted potential.but I just cannot hate it.

loonatics unleashed:
I believe this show is complain many people hve i that it is not funny.IT IS  A SUPER-HERO CARTOON,WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?justice league is not funny either but I don't see any one complain about it.
also the original looney tunes was kinda overrated.bugs bunny kept repeating the same joke over and over again,sylvester and tweety are just a tom and jerry rip-off,foghorn leghorn was not funny,taz was annoying,pepe le pew was super annoying etc.daffy duck and marvin the martian were the only good characters in that show.loonatics unleashed is entirely different I have no complain from the characters.

shaggy and scooby doo get a clue:
this is probably the most hated show in this list.other than the bad animation I don't have any other complains from this show and I see it as an improvement to scooby doo franchise.scooby and his team finally stopped solving the exact same mysteries over and over again with people dressed like monsters and now scooby get's super powers and tries to stop some villain from taking over the world.

legion of super heroes:
this tv show had disappointing fights and it kinda better than loonatics,but again I don't see a reason to recomend it.

sonic boom:
the main reason I don't recomend it i not because of it's animation but because of the humor.humor is somethiing subjective,some people(like me)can appreciate the humor of this show some people can't.also I really like the characters,I always find amy slightly annoying,now is not.I like that tails is the smart guy of the team.I have no complains from sonic.orbot and cubot are clearly the best assistants dr.eggman ever had.I loved that time where they could not find dr.eggman and they spent the entire episode searching for him.the only problem was with knuckles.hey really ruined him.

element hunters:
the only anime in this list and clearly the least popular than everything else(I wouldn't be surprsed if none of you has ever heard it)
this anime has some of the most original science fiction I have ever seen in my life.before I explain you why I don't recomend this show I will explain what is going on and why I love it.
this show tkes place in the year 2029,where the human popluation is reduced by 90%.the reason:the elemental dematerialization phenomenon.
chemical elements(oxygen hydrogen titanium gold boron etc)start disappearing from all around the world at random places at random times and they travel to an other dimmension some million years to the past(I think it was either 10 million years or 65 million years),to an earth called nega-earth.(our earth is posi-earth and our elements are called poti-elements).in this show when living creatures in nega earth come in contact with a posi-element they absorb it and turn to huge monsters named q-ex's.many q-ex's gain super powers from the element they absorbed for example:
one animal that looks like an urching absorbed boron.the boron formed bose-einstein condensation bonds with the aluminium in it's body and  the creature gained an indestructible exoskeleton.the boron also fused together with the silicon in it's body creating a semiconductor giving the creature a computer brain and the ability to read and predict it's prey's movements.the creature could also attack with electricity but the show never explained how it got that ability.
in an other episode we had a plant that absorbed oxygen so every living creature that came near the plant suffered from oxygen poisoning.(it is caused when the air you breath contains too much oxygen)

the main character are equiped with booster wear(wich enhance their phisical abilities) and machines called elebilles.the elebilles are machines that allow them to use chemical elements as weapons analyze matter construct just about anything they want as long as they know what elements they need to use and absorb the poti-elements from the q-exe's(to do that they have to make the posi-element react somehow).in one episode they had to deal with 2 ladybags that absorbed gold,to retrieve that gold they filled a small hole in the ground with aqua regia(an acid made of nitric and hydrochloric acid).

the reason I don't recommend this anime is because of the writing.the first season was good,the second was not so good,and the third was even less the third season we finally learn what causes the elemental dematerialization first I was expecting some explanation like we did some experiment we damaged space time and that caused the phenomenon because of reasons.THE TRUTH WAS NOT EVEN CLOSE.

(if you plan to ignore my warning and watch this show then don't read the explanation)

the truth about this phenomenon is that dr.kaar(one of the main characters)when she was a child she was so upset that her parents died in a tsunami that she screamed out loud"I wish the earth disappears".see our planet moves around the sun and the sun moves around certain places like a spring,the moment she screamed that was the moment that both our sun and earth were in alignment with the potition they had some million years ago,and that's why dr.kaar's voice was heard to the 13th dimension(not the dimmension of nega earth,an other one)and woke up some insects that were sleeping,the insects started eating everything was in their way and that caused the elemental materialization phenomenon because of reasons.

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kouliousis Featured By Owner May 22, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Original Ben 10 : I will agree that the original wasn't the best (the sequels Alien Force and Ultimate Alien were far better) and honesty the biggest problem i have with the original is with Ben acting like total annoying dumbass at times and Gwen being very dull and kinda of a smartass

Loonatics Unleashed : Finally someone with a brain that doesn't see this cartoon as a reboot of Looney Tunes

Shaggy and Scooby Doo Get A Clue : The Biggest problem i have with this show is the main villain was annoying and lame

Legion of Super Heroes : Not all the fights were disappointing and also the story lines and the characters were awesome

Sonic Boom : Why this show has to be a comedy? When we will get a 100% Action Sonic Cartoon like Sonic X?

Element Hunters : Never seen it
Hertion333 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
As much as I love the Ben 10 series, I do agree with you, it has lots of potential to be one of the most amazing shows in anyway possible, but it still has flaws. Not enough backstory for villains and heroes as well as being kinda kiddie at times (even though it has some dark moments), if only someone could see its potential and buy the franchise from CN which are not good at making shows anymore.
videakias Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
if they give proffessor  paradox his own show and put some effort in writing it,they could create a family friendly version of Rick and Morty.(or should I say an animated version of dr.who)
Hertion333 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016
That would interesting, but it would be cool to see Ben 10 go the anime route because it has the story and characters to do it. Hope it will happen someday.
MSMacro76 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Student Writer
good thing these shows come late where i live
videakias Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
do you include element hunters?
MSMacro76 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Student Writer
yeah all those shows arent even in my country already
videakias Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
oh,I thought you meant they already came(element hunters and sonic boom haven't come in Greece,I watched them online)
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